Business Events

Business Events

Art & Science for Business 

TheInteraliaCentre regularly organises events for businesses, constructed around evening talks on art and science by invited speakers, exploring various themes and subjects. 

These have been as diverse as: Colour & Perception, Virtual Reality & the Internet, The Science of Food & Sport, Black Holes, The Magic of Eclipses, Creativity in Children.

The first of these talks took place in 1992 when Andrew Stone, Director of Marks & Spencer plc (now Lord Stone of Blackheath) attended an Interalia conference and was so impressed with what he saw and heard that he invited Interalia to organise a series of similar events for his staff at their London Head Office. 

The talks attracted a great deal of interest (including an article in the Financial Times, written by Richard Vadon) and such events formed an integral part of Marks & Spencer’s activities for a number of years, attracting between 200-300 people on a regular basis. 

"The talks go beyond the normal ‘art appreciation’ evenings. I have not only found them all extremely stimulating, but a number of ideas that have been discussed have found their way into my daily approach to work.” Manager (Marks & Spencer plc)