10 - 18 May 2012, Rook Lane Arts, Frome, Somerset

For eight days some of the brightest minds from the worlds of science, arts, education, religion, media and business came to the Somerset town of Frome to share their vision for the future of our planet.

Themes for the festival included Consciousness, Sustainable Communities, Value-ing Education, Moral Capitalism, Future Universes and Generating Art.  

Speakers included Dale Templar; Professor John D Barrow; Professor Max Velmans; Professor Raymond Tallis; Marianne Rankin; Professor Murray Shanahan; Rita Carter; Dr William Bloom; Dr Neil Hawkes; David Saxby; Dr Alan Rayner; Professor Simeon Nelson; Ansuman Biswas; Chris Bucklow; John Harris; Richard Murphy; John Morrison; Elizabeth Cox; Peter Macfadyen; Gareth Mills; Zoe Readhead and Tim 'Mac' Macartney.

Organised by TheInteraliaCentre with support from Arc Seven Communications and TwentyFifty